About Us

Reflection Art Gallery & Studios exists to see art impact society with beauty and truth.

The gallery and set of adjoining studio rooms are designed as a space for the creation of art that affirms life and human dignity, a space for meaningful engagement with art, and a space that gives emerging artists a platform to wrestle with issues and grow in skill and calling.

The studio spaceat the back hosts an artist-in-residence program, regular painting workshops, art classes, and opportunities for discussion and learning on art and social issues.

The galleryin front is designed as a space to engage with art, whether on current or social issues, or simply art that affirms the values of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Reflection Art Gallery & Studios is run by the Art for Change Foundation, New Delhi, whose activities include:

  • Regular Exhibitions with discussions
  • Artist-in-Residence program
  • Painting workshops such as the annual 'Creative Conscience' workshop and collaborative workshops with other organizations
  • 'Made to Create' art classes and seminars designed to lead individuals in a discovery of their creativity as well as the developing of skills
  • Trainings & seminars for students and adults exploring art and social impact
  • Specialized art workshops for the marginalized and most vulnerable.

Reflection Art Gallery & Studios explores ‘reflection’ at various levels: The reflection of light on surface which gives us image, and the act of reflection into which art draws the viewer.

This reflection is deepened by another kind of reflection: the artist holding a mirror to society calling us to ‘look again’—art with a social conscience. Conscience has as its core the idea of human dignity, the idea that each human is created as a reflection of the Creator.  Conversely, beauty found in nature, and the creative process within, reflect something uniquely profound about the Divine.